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About University of Finance and Economics University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) is situated in the northern part of Kunming City, which is reputed as “the Spring City” because of its pleasant weather all year round. The university was established in 1951 and authorized as a provincial key university by the People’s Government of Province in 1995. With an area of 100 hectares, YUFE is a comprehensive university that pivots on economics and management and develops such disciplines as philosophy, law, humanities, natural sciences and engineering at the same time, and it is entitled to grant bachelor and master degrees. The university has 18 schools and 1 teaching departments offering 75 bachelor degrees, 73 master degrees and 14 doctor degrees. In addition, the university sets up over 50 institutions of scientific research, such as institute of economy, institute of financial development, institute of philosophy and ethic, institute of tourism and culture, institute of land and resources and sustainable development, research center of the Indian Ocean region, etc. In terms of international cooperation, the university has established steady communication and cooperation with over 80 universities from 30 countries/regions, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, Russia, USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Australia, etc., building a stage of multiple functions for culturing international human resources of versatility. The teaching staff of the university comprises over 1500 lecturers, associate professors and professors of high degrees (postgraduate degree being minimal request) and rich teaching experiences. Currently speaking, the number of registered students in all programs exceeds 32,000, among which 2,000 are working for master degrees and about 400 are from overseas. Students graduated from the university have come to possess solid professional knowledge and application ability and are capable of working in state institutions, state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises. The university is capable of offering effective service to teaching and learning with its well-built infrastructure and modernized technological equipments. All classrooms are spacious and bright, and are equipped with multimedia. The university has a five-floor library building, digitalized and modernized, and with a collection of 3.48 million books (including 1.57 million E-books). Teachers and students are able to get access to all of the resources and communicate with each other therein. The university has modernized multi-functional gymnasium and natatorium for teachers and students to exercise and have fun. The campus, covered in trees, is beautiful, clean, cozy, and safe. Traffic is convenient, life is easy, and the Internet is finger-tip away. Enrollment Categories of YUFE 1. Bachelor Degree for High-school Graduates All bachelor-degree majors in all schools of YUFE are open to international students (see Table of Undergraduate Majors for detailed information). Foreign high-school graduates of suitable Chinese proficiency or graduates from three-year colleges can apply for YUFE, where they learn for 4 years (applicants of zero Chinese proficiency are required to learn Chinese for one year first). Students shall register around August 25th every year, and first semester begins at the beginning of September. 2. Postgraduate Degree for Bachelors All postgraduate programs in all schools of YUFE are open to international students (see Table of Postgraduate Majors for detailed information). Bachelors or above degrees from foreign universities can apply for postgraduate degrees in YUFE if their Chinese proficiency meets designated standards. The duration of postgraduate is three years (applicants of zero Chinese proficiency are required to learn Chinese for one year first). Students shall register around August 25th every year, and term begins at the beginning of September. 3. Further Learning of Chinese Language Regular recruitment happens twice every year, March and September respectively. There is no limitation to students’ education history. Students who are physically healthy and aged over 18 can be recruited and assigned to beginning, intermediate or advanced classes based on their entrance exam results. 4. Other Training Programs Based on demands of foreign schools and institutions, training classes of language and culture, of public service, of occupational Chinese language and culture for enterprise employees are offered. 5. Short-term Study Tour and Winter/Summer Camps YUFE organizes Chinese students in all majors to conduct study tours of foreign universities during winter/summer vacations (1 month). At the same time, it also welcomes foreign schools and institutions to organize short-term study tours and winter/summer camps to YUFE.







Materials required of international students when registering: 1. Notarized diploma and transcript; 2. Original copy of passport and one duplicate; 3. Ten photos of size 4 * 6 cm


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